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What is happiness in the realm of mathematical equations and where to configure the buried analogy which is entangled between the web of real and unreal perceptions. Well, this is all lodged in here with spectacle views. Not many are entitled to accuse life as losing battleground, particularly when catered to complex conjectures filled with negative connotations. Same applies for any erudite to dismiss the existence ideology, but what stays apart is the way author bridges language syntax, rationale and the philosophical concepts to justify his statements. This is what steals the show, at least to me it did with rain of words at the appropriate places. This statement is thought provoking- “Instant enlightenment after all is another fantasy born out of laziness and hope”. Appreciate viewers input on this and happy to contemplate.

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It was long ago that I had done bicycling and that too was during my teenage years. But now it’s a different ball game with the medical complexity, yet wanted to give a try on biking so here I am reading this amazing book about it which led me to explore first cycling event where one can test their true ability, strength and thrive. Finally have achieved something to give me a hope that age is just a number as many say. Inspiring take on 45 different places, routes, maps with ample of tips about cycling basics, safety and trip planning, also hints about connectivity between public transit services. What else needed, felt like travelling along with the cycling explanations. Highly recommended read.

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No one is stupid, no one is clever (all perceptions are incomplete)!!!

“In a train, two children were running here and there. Sometimes they would fight with each other, and at times they would jump on top of seats.

The father, sitting nearby, was lost in his thoughts.

In between, when the children looked at him, he would put on an affectionate smile, and then the children would again get busy with their mischief and the father would keep looking at them lovingly.

The co-travelers of the train were upset by the children’s playfulness and annoyed by the father’s attitude. Since it was night time, everyone wanted to rest.

Seeing the running around of the children, a traveler could not stop himself and exclaimed to the father – “What kind of father are you? The children are behaving so naughtily, and instead of stopping them you are encouraging them with your smiles. Is it not your duty to explain to them?”

The father paused for a few moments and said, “I am just thinking how to explain it to them brother.” The man said, “my wife had gone to her maternal home. She passed away yesterday due to an accident. I am taking the children there for the final rites, and now I’m confused how to explain to them that now they will never see their mother again.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned. Let alone saying something, nobody was even able to think straight.

The children were still engaged in their mischief. They were still running around in the compartment. There was no change in the atmosphere, but those children were no longer looking like undisciplined kids to the co-passengers but were looking like soft young flowers, on which everyone wanted to pour their love.

The father was no longer a careless person, but now he was seen as the father and the mother of two children, saddened by the separation of his life partner.

The change in feeling/perception/thinking leads to change in behavior.

We keep labeling people as bad/good, stupid/clever, decent/indecent without actually knowing what they are going through or the reason behind a particular behavior.

It’s okay to have an opinion and yet never give an ultimate opinion.

Source – Forwarded from Whats-app unlimited story sharing group.

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I have read Debbie’s book called ‘Quiet girl in a noisy world’ and her views deeply reflect on the pictorial illustrations. And she knows what to offer to the catered audience and I think she has done her job perfectly well. The nuance of a couple’s life is depicted beautifully on this book. Starting from proposing to marital status is toasted with extreme care and precision. I admire the humor elements discussed in here and could relate myself at many places. I loved it to the core and feel satisfied. 🙂

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The life of introverted person is nicely depicted in this novel and, if famous for their online persona then, nothing holds back till satisfies their quench. I got sucked into their fan fiction story which runs parallel and offers the glimpses of an active moderator of the forum. The communications between the Elisa online pal and the growing bonds with the Wallace friends displays the thin line between online and offline contacts. When email is sent by Olivia Kane, Eliza weighs the pros and cons of fan art with a pile of life wisdom to contemplate. This YA fiction calls for a universal embrace of addressing the issues befall upon a recluse and the inner monsters which are harmless in my opinion.

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This runs as an autobiography like an “I am Malala” storytelling. When I read the earlier book, it gave me insights about Swat and the bravery of an Afghan girl and her fight for education, which was very thought seeding in my opinion. Whereas this brings the efforts of a westerner to build a school premises in a stranger land. I am really inspired by the Greg’s constant struggles with his aspirations and deliverance. These journeys explains how lucky to live in a country with a proper provision of the education and questions whenever a desire of affording something irrelevant occurs. Like the author pointed “Education is indeed meant a hope to end the ignorance”.

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This book is a travelogue of an old man journeying on a bicycle from New Hampshire to San Francisco. After Haruki Murakami’s “What I talk about when I talk about running”, I admire this author’s courage to define the perks and odds of succeeding in his pursuits. Having perseverance and determined mindset was showered throughout which is the driving force to his outpourings. It brought a new perspective on being pointless to judge the potentiality of the amassed old populace. When a normal cyclist battles its limitations than, imagine the valiant effort that the author has embarked. I can proudly say that I have traveled along with the author and will throw the names of the places as described in this book while am with travelers to have a complying talk.

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I do not know what made me to pick this book, but it reveals some amazing tips for mirror analysis of life. The metaphorical use of Nachiketa story is a masterstroke in this book of factual events. It is very common to hear from a spiritual or religious people of its wisdom, but uncommon to evaluate of their eminence in the subtlety of life. Let me divide my insights into two categories for a better comprehension. Firstly, if the interest is rhetorical then the questions raised by Nachiketa will be assured to convey the intended message to the right audience. The inquisitive attributes of Nachiketa are one of a kind and of a higher nature, so isn’t fathomable to all. Secondly, if pursued as an allegory, then continuous reflections are to be instigated for individual moral upliftment. Hence, the following statement explains it all and thankful to have introduced to this beautiful teaching of Kathoupanishad. “The consciousness of individuality is always searching and seeking to find the right combination to move towards the consciousness of unity”.

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Thoughts impasse online,

Media platforms dismay the long line;

The world is limping to normalcy,

Humanness thrives to fervency;

Tenet gawks towards benighted,

Self reflection flares ignited.


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work-life balance — • Being Mortal by Atul Gawande • “Our ultimate...

Is this book about philosophical tidbits presented by the doctor in relation with mortality? The answer isn’t feasible for all except that it fits into the spectrum of palliative and geriatric care in today’s world. Atul’s description of assisted living communities is provocative and informative. I sincerely resonate some of the elderly tantrums, sufferings and piercing to imagine their stands. When being a doctor himself would find hardships on the care of the elderly then nothing is asserted for the common people. This statement from the book is mesmerizing – “As our time winds down, we all seek comfort in simple pleasures-companionship, everyday routines, the taste of good food, the warmth of sunlight on our faces. We become less interested in the rewards of achieving and accumulating and more interested in the rewards of simple being. And we have a deep need to identify purposes outside ourselves that make living feel meaningful and worthwhile.” Hope it steer the same way to all.

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