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A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

I am deeply enthralled with this story events and protagonist sets an amazing example of essence, morale, audacity to me. Alexander the count is house-arrested and left confined within the Metropol hotel perimeters. The lonesome walks of life with a social ennui is captivated by the infirm at large. It leaves a permanent scar of reading a spellbinding book and will provoke to poke into the author’s prior contributions. This statement left me astonished by the profound meaning inside – “What sort of divinity, he seemed to be thinking, would devise a world in which an aging man’s malady afflicts the very attribute that has set him apart from his fellow men and elevated him in the eyes of all? What sort of divinity, Emily? The very same who rendered Beethoven deaf and Monet blind. For what the lord giveth, is precisely what he come through later to taketh away.”. Truly enacted like a gentleman!

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Buy Convenience Store Woman Book Online at Low Prices in India | Convenience  Store Woman Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

This story is about 36 years old Keiko Furukura who works in the convenience stores. She is a loner, but good at imitating her colleagues attitude and all she learns from life is either through them even though if it is limited. I was skeptical at first to try this book, but it made me feel poised for the Keiko character and not to forget the Shiraha character who is utterly annoyance and unbearable to even consider him. It is indeed hard for a woman to be left alone when family, friends, colleagues be nosy and extremely intrusive. The societal expectations are well defined by the author and poignant to find its place in a contemporary world. From the setting of the stores, of alienation, about part time jobs are penned to present its stance. My fancy to the Japanese novels are upping and hope to relish more of its outpouring from now onward. Do give it a try and see.

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Buy Trial by Silence Book Online at Low Prices in India | Trial by Silence  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

I was wondering how to bring into words and express the views of this book. It is beyond the tenacity of my judgement as every character is enlivened and focused on their outlooks. However, the story is a continuation of the earlier parts, each part can be a stand alone on its own. It is immensely challenging to talk about a taboo topic and narrate it to laymen terms. The author must have the required exposures or deep insights to keep it appealing to the readers. For instance, one may find the uncle character Nallayan in every family and his talks initiate the philosophical toast. Whether it is a belief system, working of country community, muses of the agrarian economy, tasty village palettes or the predicament of the couple’s intimacy all join hands together to create a profound impact. Having two ending is sending a metaphor for the upcoming creative minds or that’s how it made me feel. If you ask me which ending suits better I would opt for the previous part’s which is way more blissful than this one. So highly recommended read blindly go for it.

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Buy A Lonely Harvest Book Online at Low Prices in India | A Lonely Harvest  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

When I read “one part women” never imagined it to have a sequel and the author had given two endings to contemplate on two different books. This story continues from where the previous installment hanged. Firstly the cultural beliefs of a countryside is zoomed and articulated by the author. That itself is a treat especially, for those who hails from such a place, even can resonate the details furnished. Whenever the Serrayi cooks village delights for Ponna my lips starts to crave in. Also, I feel there is an enormous amount of farming techniques that stretches the length and breadth of the storytelling. The ending chosen for this sequence is cherished by its happy moments. Now, desperate to read the third book and see how it goes….

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Today is my birthday, appreciate all the good souls blessing and wishes. Stay safe and spread positivity

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The Burden of Miracle in Poonachi: or the Story of a Black Goat | The Daily  Star

I have finished this book in a single sitting and hope it answers the review am about to give. This book is penned by a Tamil author and originally published in the Tamil language. Nowhere the adaptation lacks and it delivers the freshness as pledged. From the main characters to all the species involved tackles some of the philosophical questions of existence, breeding and self attribution. The ending might wreck some of the faint-hearted and thus remains the echoes of poonachi’s bleats forever.

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You are an apple of my Eye,

Do not wish to bid you Bye.

Can I call you as an Aye?

Hope your hair is not a Dye!

Does your favorite food consist of Rye?

Cause I can work as a Spy!

You are Indeed My oh My

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Wifey – How about gifting me a Perfume?

Hubby – First, Allow me to get Groom!

Wifey – Won’t you like me being Spume?

Hubby – Hope, I don’t emit a Fume!

Wifey – I was dreaming about a Womb!

Hubby – I forsee you in the Tomb!

Now wifey vows “Till death do us Apart!”

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