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From the buzzing sounds of nature,
silences lead the way,
orifice of internal passage,
endures the deep thoughts,
inspires you to crawl and learn,
until dug into the infinite path,
ahead find the vision of effervescent,
negate illusion on the line,
choose the imperial ones,
which reveals by its own god particle “I” the illuminated awareness.

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The awakened feeling surpasses any treaties,

walked away like a whales spermaceti,

rigged up deeper gloats the sleeper,

huh, says the dreamer!


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Roads rippled in look, paths narrow around nook.

Smell of an earth, with shortness of breath.

The spectacle turns hazy, rain showers in lazy.

Entered the sunny cottage, stared at extreme wattage.

Lobby glittered with lights, and welcome bids polite.

There stood the view, unspoken of the blue.

Planned for the day, excited about this stay.

Morning breeze blows over, echoed to push over.

Cuckoo whacked from buzzing, the voice of parroting?

Nature is always calm, with an embedded balm.

Sight of happy valley, nothing like an alley.

Muses from this place, is an incomparable ace.

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