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Let me alert my inefficiency in analysis of the value Pi but am delighted to share what mathematical genius have to say about it. The following pioneers Archimedes, Euclid, Ferdinand, Ahmes, Ptolemy, Maimonides, Fibonacci, Srinivasa Ramanujam acumen were highly regarded on this book. Ferdinand defined it as a type of non rational number called transcendental number and Archimedes requested that his tombstone be decorated with a sphere and inscribe the Pi detail on it. Some historical facts will baffle the findings of this mysterious number such as its presence in the Old Testament of the Bible and Jewish philosopher Maimonides describe its ratio of the circle diameter to its circumference as unknown origin and so on. Fibonacci was the first to introduce a Hindu number system followed by Srinivasa Ramanujam who established several formulas for calculating the value of Pi and had to wait for the advent of computer to configure its complexity. Do you know March14th is celebrated as a Pi day in the USA and for more details check on this source – Http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi. And many have phrased poems on this number which is amusing to me, perhaps to do with the way it is treated. I am sharing Ramanujam message which I find truly humbled and shows his passion for the Mathematics subject. When a meager person like me can find some solace from this book, then,imagine what it could do with the Math erudite. It is informative and engaging, highly recommended read.

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I have read very few books in fantasy section not because I am displeased, but my focus on it makes it too striving. This book is so blessed by its empirical nature of morality and glitters value of life like a piece of cake. The story is about a daughter heading to find answers for her poverty state from an old man who is gifted to change fortunes. Along the journey she befriends a dragon, small boy and some more characters that teach lessons while her perception slowly reveal the reality of her misconceptions. This statement speaks concisely to what I feel -“Fortune was not a house full of gold and jade, but something much more. Something which already have and did not need to change”. Overall a satisfying read with lots of embedded stories on offer.

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Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama

I have come across this book on several occasions in the book shop’s but my interest was laid aside at that time. And here am trying to brood over missing such a rare commodity earlier. This runs as an upliftment memoir of an ascetic code of conduct, existence and its pursuance. From microcosmic to the macro level of spirituality is explained in the layman language. I find Swami Rama’s point of views pensively accompanied by his true quest for wisdom. 🙏

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The bombardment of cell signal for a hurting partner,

joins the nuclei of the membrane by lever,

sensory trapped inside the inner core,

beg for the release of monster roar,

vigorous tests endured its gear,

hmm gestures never ending fear,

at last cost an arm and leg to clear you

unannounced and unbearable pain!


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I do not know what made me to pick this book, but it reveals some amazing tips for mirror analysis of life. The metaphorical use of Nachiketa story is a masterstroke in this book of factual events. It is very common to hear from a spiritual or religious people of its wisdom, but uncommon to evaluate of their eminence in the subtlety of life. Let me divide my insights into two categories for a better comprehension. Firstly, if the interest is rhetorical then the questions raised by Nachiketa will be assured to convey the intended message to the right audience. The inquisitive attributes of Nachiketa are one of a kind and of a higher nature, so isn’t fathomable to all. Secondly, if pursued as an allegory, then continuous reflections are to be instigated for individual moral upliftment. Hence, the following statement explains it all and thankful to have introduced to this beautiful teaching of Kathoupanishad. “The consciousness of individuality is always searching and seeking to find the right combination to move towards the consciousness of unity”.

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The scars from experiences get imprinted,

After several tries hopes are shredded,

With wet eyes oppress the unopposed,

No amount of chances is spared,

Melancholy abdicates the bold,

Neither perjury nor the indictment imposed,

But blame the wuss of nomad,

Here I am a scion of the mortal world!


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This is about a sage who lived for 160 years in Kolkata, India and spent most of his life in various Himalayan caves. The arduous process of Hatha yoga practices imparted by his guru Bagawan shows how much training a disciple endures. It is exhilarating to visualise the sumeru mountain descriptions and miraculous healing of a person’s illness. The following statement from the book is intriguing and hope it stirs the same effects for others. “The Gita is not a reading material to be read as a matter of routine. You must become the Gita. That is the entire purpose of the Gita”.

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A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

I am deeply enthralled with this story events and protagonist sets an amazing example of essence, morale, audacity to me. Alexander the count is house-arrested and left confined within the Metropol hotel perimeters. The lonesome walks of life with a social ennui is captivated by the infirm at large. It leaves a permanent scar of reading a spellbinding book and will provoke to poke into the author’s prior contributions. This statement left me astonished by the profound meaning inside – “What sort of divinity, he seemed to be thinking, would devise a world in which an aging man’s malady afflicts the very attribute that has set him apart from his fellow men and elevated him in the eyes of all? What sort of divinity, Emily? The very same who rendered Beethoven deaf and Monet blind. For what the lord giveth, is precisely what he come through later to taketh away.”. Truly enacted like a gentleman!

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The virtue of life plays sound with a cacophony of immaturity,

Forever illumines glitter of the lord and remain silence on its purity,

Sleepless tosses and turns underground where inner reaction fears the insecurity,

Hail an active observer on the ground by escaping the phony posterity,

Thus, gloats the macro cosmic vitality!


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Buy Convenience Store Woman Book Online at Low Prices in India | Convenience  Store Woman Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

This story is about 36 years old Keiko Furukura who works in the convenience stores. She is a loner, but good at imitating her colleagues attitude and all she learns from life is either through them even though if it is limited. I was skeptical at first to try this book, but it made me feel poised for the Keiko character and not to forget the Shiraha character who is utterly annoyance and unbearable to even consider him. It is indeed hard for a woman to be left alone when family, friends, colleagues be nosy and extremely intrusive. The societal expectations are well defined by the author and poignant to find its place in a contemporary world. From the setting of the stores, of alienation, about part time jobs are penned to present its stance. My fancy to the Japanese novels are upping and hope to relish more of its outpouring from now onward. Do give it a try and see.

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