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The only graphical stories have read were tinkle series, Debbie Tung’s and now Sarah’s world of illustrations. This third installment talk about the growing internet trolls against the creative people. As a small time jewel designer it is so painstaking to present the work and embrace the critique. Moreover, the amount of time spent on online publishing squeeze in, on top reading of uninvited glitches pierce the faintest heart. Just imagine the outbursts of the current creative artists and their sufferings are unspoken off! Sarah does a fine job of revealing the shades buried underneath and pat on myself as a contributor of such demanding work.

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A visual portfolio or an online portfolio is the best way to demonstrate our capabilities from the traditional hard copy. This would definitely stand us apart from the rest of the competitors in the job market. While creating the portfolio, I believe one can articulate their thinking about every piece of information and present in front of potential audiences. Further to this, a reflection of learning can be added to a portfolio to judge upon the quality of learning from each process of employment.

A portfolio without reflection would be as good as a simple multimedia presentation or a colored electronic resume. Hence, in order to reach out the best, it is better to select the artifacts that represent achievement of the standards or goals that are accomplished from earlier works. It is also important to establish different expectations of the clients and evaluate your portfolio before you send them to the respective employers. There is an excellent reference for evaluating professional portfolios and can be found in this book “Capturing the Wisdom of Practice” by Giselle O. Martin-Kniep, published by ASCD (1999)

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