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I am a big fan of Perumal Murugan books since the time of ‘Poonachi’ and this is no different from his routine outpourings. If you like some short stories than you are good with this one and be ready for the 10 tiny tales that the author had embarked. Each story is filled with country side verbiage with ample of culture and rich heritage. Wonder if the author has liberal core beliefs or disregard of the aristocratic rules. Whatever may be the reason the author has a way to offer his insights in a layman manner which is highly appreciable. The four strokes of luck is not by a hidden fortune rather backs it up by sincere efforts. Simply go for it.

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A big thanks for the author to have shared a copy of this book and thoroughly delighted to present my staggering insights. It is a simple tale of whodunit story with an interesting unfold of the events through the character of Lucy. Her relationship with Lord Adair is touche and the ghostly Aunt Sedley tickles the bones. Loved it and totally worth it. 🙂

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I was wondering how to bring into words and express the views of this book. It is beyond the tenacity of my judgement as every character is enlivened and focused on their outlooks. However, the story is a continuation of the earlier parts, each part can be a stand alone on its own. It is immensely challenging to talk about a taboo topic and narrate it to laymen terms. The author must have the required exposures or deep insights to keep it appealing to the readers. For instance, one may find the uncle character Nallayan in every family and his talks initiate the philosophical toast. Whether it is a belief system, working of country community, muses of the agrarian economy, tasty village palettes or the predicament of the couple’s intimacy all join hands together to create a profound impact. Having two ending is sending a metaphor for the upcoming creative minds or that’s how it made me feel. If you ask me which ending suits better I would opt for the previous part’s which is way more blissful than this one. So highly recommended read blindly go for it.

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When I read “one part women” never imagined it to have a sequel and the author had given two endings to contemplate on two different books. This story continues from where the previous installment hanged. Firstly the cultural beliefs of a countryside is zoomed and articulated by the author. That itself is a treat especially, for those who hails from such a place, even can resonate the details furnished. Whenever the Serrayi cooks village delights for Ponna my lips starts to crave in. Also, I feel there is an enormous amount of farming techniques that stretches the length and breadth of the storytelling. The ending chosen for this sequence is cherished by its happy moments. Now, desperate to read the third book and see how it goes….

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The nuances of a childless couple in the countryside and their affinity is covered in a bold manner in this book. The characters Kali and Ponna is etched like a tailor made clothing for the author perceptions. Ironically the way society operates can be too intimidating and freedom-less, so this is what is offered in heavy portions bridging the various folkloric tales. It was Nallayyan’s character that leaves an everlasting impression by his fearless nature towards life. Perumal Murugan chose a subject that is either controversial or conspicuous to the readers. Also,not many would like this story and the end is left to the reader’s interpretations which causes an unsatisfied feeling.

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Independence is freedom attained from slavery,

fought consistently and showered in bravery.

The emblem in flag denotes the ashokachakra,

representing the 24 spokes of dharmachakra.

Cultures of India vary in range,

but stays closer with ongoing change.

Diversified nation and runs in democracy,

confronts the idea behind any hypocrisy.

The country with so many beliefs,

citizens supporting and celebrating in relief.

Lot of muses add to its background,

get together to play the sound.

Singing of the anthem on board,

making public rose in their code.

This is the day for patriotic,

away from the hustle of chaotic.

Here we’re alive from the sacrifices,

made by those with a spice.

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