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Humanoid Using AI Technology On A Laptop

Picture Courtesy – Humanoid Illustration using MidJourney AI Tool

Are you tired of reading the same old boring storybooks with flat, lifeless images? Well, have no fear because artificial intelligence is here to save the day! That’s right, AI technology can now be used to create storybooks with enhanced images that are sure to capture the attention of both children and adults alike.

Cartoon Of A Girl In Wonderment

Picture Courtesy – A Cartoon Illustration using MidJourney AI Tool

The first step in creating a storybook with enhanced images is to find a suitable niche. This means determining what type of storybook you want to create and who your target audience is. Do you want to create a fairy tale for young children? Or maybe a sci-fi adventure for older kids? Once you have your niche, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas for your story and characters.

Once you have your story and characters in mind, it’s time to start using artificial intelligence image generation tools to bring them to life. There are a variety of tools available on the market today that can help you create stunning images for your storybook. Some of these tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze existing images and generate new ones based on that analysis. Others use deep learning techniques to create images from scratch.

One popular AI image generation tool is StyleGAN. This tool uses a deep learning technique called generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create highly realistic images. Simply put, StyleGAN consists of two neural networks: one that generates images and another that evaluates them. The generator network creates images, while the evaluator network determines how realistic they are. Through a process of trial and error, the two networks work together to create images that are both visually appealing and highly realistic.

Effects of Emma Watson Picture  Using StyleGAN Web Application Tool

Picture Courtesy – https://stylegan-nada.github.io

Output of a Picture Using Appropriate Text Prompt in MidJourney AI Tool

Picture Courtesy – Text Prompt using MidJourney AI Tool

Picture of a Women With a Dog Using MidJourney Tool

Picture Courtesy – Illustration of a women with her dog using MidJourney AI Tool

Another popular AI image generation tool is MidJourney, which is the technology behind my own existence! MidJourney can be used to generate striking realistic images. By giving it a description of what you want an image to look like, it can create a visual representation of that description. For example, if you want an image of a rabbit wearing a schoolbag, simply describe it to Chat GPT and it will generate an suitable image prompts that matches your description which can then be used in MidJourney to generate the images you want.

Picture Courtesy – Illustration of a Rabbit using MidJourney AI Tool

In conclusion, using artificial intelligence technology to create a storybook with enhanced images is a great way to bring your story to life and engage your readers. By finding a suitable niche and using AI image generation tools such as StyleGAN, MidJourney and Chat GPT, you can create stunning, highly realistic images that will capture the imagination of your audience. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming your storybook idea and let AI technology help you bring it to life!

Check the sample books created using the above AI technologies Click here

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This runs as an autobiography like an “I am Malala” storytelling. When I read the earlier book, it gave me insights about Swat and the bravery of an Afghan girl and her fight for education, which was very thought seeding in my opinion. Whereas this brings the efforts of a westerner to build a school premises in a stranger land. I am really inspired by the Greg’s constant struggles with his aspirations and deliverance. These journeys explains how lucky to live in a country with a proper provision of the education and questions whenever a desire of affording something irrelevant occurs. Like the author pointed “Education is indeed meant a hope to end the ignorance”.

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Did I finish reading this book? It is really hard to believe that I was when am breathing every word of this author journal. Firstly, existing with an illness is not a joke and notice my own reflection at many battling places. Secondly, Having the right and enlightening doctor is pure luck considering the conditions and gruesome functionary of the medical world. When Dr Najar diagnoses Susannah from her drawings of the clock moved me so much that can’t express in words. A big applause and standing ovation for the entire medical community who have involved to diagnose this rare illness and saved many like Susannah’s.

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After Arthur Conan Doyle and few Agatha Christie series, this is the old detective novel that infatuated me. Being a fan of mysteries I tend to read any books that fall upon me; although most of the recent ones keep you on the edge, it is the old ones that deserve the credibility for its vernacular usage and lexicon nuances. There isn’t a rush for character introductions, but will hold your attention to the story till the end. Professor Stub’s character reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and his nephew Andrew to Watson! Totally loved the verbosity and amusing exchanges between the characters. 😊

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This would be my first book on autistic theme and can understand how demanding can it get to the respective family members. The title of this book inspired the South Indian movie makers to film a movie and that’s how it led me to check this original sourced book. Let me be honest, this book offers more than the movie counterparts because of its theme alone. The start of the story has kept the suspense elements intact and that is the selling point in this whole novel. I like the description of the Christopher character in detail and happy to see less of theatrics. I thoroughly admire this tale and feel so delighted.

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I chanced upon this book from the Reddit App book groups, but never bothered to check it’s published timeline until now. It is highly commendable to foresee the life of a nightclub singer during that period (1935), from juggling between 3 different lover’s throughput a governess who is flipped into poverty whereby carries a better judgement on the opposite sexuality and acumen of life. What happens when these two character meets is the crux of this story line. The flirting of Tony and Pettigrew tickles the bones unlike the intimidating nature of nick which causes annoyance. I believe it is petty to miss such a satisfying cocktail experience. Simply go for it and cherish its hilarious moments.

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If you are a travel mendicant with a flair on asceticism than you have picked the right book. Is this book about the recluse lifestyle and ethnographic lives of Hindu renouncer in India? Not exactly, but it covers a wide spectrum of solitary sages take on life. I found this book while fishing for ascetic Sadhvi (Women Hermit) but introduced to various Aghori (Post-Mortem Ritualist), Saiva Sadhus (Lord Shiva followers) and the ten Dasnami Akhar family (Community). As per its historical rendering the explanations on Kumbh Mela (pilgrimage) and the metaphorical topics invoke interest to explore the elixir of mortality. I cannot validate American Historian Wendy Doniger inputs on Hindu philosophy, but Hausner brought a subject which not many have attempted. The following statement is profound with hammering insights – “It is critically important to find the right kind of instruction and to surround ourselves with the right kind of people, in the right place and time”. Now, I am waiting for my turn to experience the immortal scion of the eternal soul.

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This book is about Ali during the war trodden in Basra, Iraq and the man behind prosecuting Saddam Hussein for the crimes against humanity. But what I am unable to get is the clarity of choosing the said title when it is more about leading the life of rationing, worrisome and uncertainty. Although make sense for using the video games as a diversion perhaps lacks the persistence over the story line. It’s a relief to see less emotionalism on the family front and lip smacking delicacies such as tahini, date hummus palate.

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Well, I am poignant to have missed this book during its first launch. Because as the title suggests this needs a mathematical skill to configure the debate between a Juror (who is filled deeply with independent statistical theory) and the medical proponent (who has an extensive knowledge towards the probability theory and an eminent in his field). This type of blending is striking, especially when applied to an accused victim in the story line. I guess the author truly fancies ‘Nassim Taleb’ way of analyzing facts which brings fresh insights into the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed this masterpiece and got blown away.

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I am obsessed with book reading habit and a boring member of several book groups on ‘Facebook’ but, ‘Reddit’ overrides when it comes to exploring new books. And it is how this book landed on me and led me to ponder over its sagacious plot. This is about a lonely hen namely sprout who adopts a duck (Greentop) and its growing mutuality is what discussed in here. I have never read ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell but know its outline through reviews and can vouch that the animal character’s communications feel like humans do including the current one. This book is loaded with emotions and nobody can believe is translated from the Korean version by the author. The reason for the chosen title is revealed at the end and will pierce your heart for sure. Kindly have some wipes handy and gonna miss sprout kindness! 😢

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