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Are you looking for an engaging and enjoyable activity for your senior loved ones? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest book, “Memory Activity Book for Senior Citizens,” now available on Amazon Kindle Edition!

As we age, it’s important to keep our minds active and stimulated, and this activity book is specifically designed for that purpose. The large print format makes it easy for seniors with visual impairments or cognitive challenges to participate and enjoy the activities.

Inside “Memory Activity Book for Senior Citizens,” you will find a variety of activities that are perfect for keeping minds sharp and memories active. From word games and puzzles to trivia and brain teasers, this book offers a wide range of challenges to suit different interests and abilities. Below is the sample activity!

What sets our book apart is its focus on memory stimulation. Memory is an essential aspect of cognitive health, and our activities are carefully crafted to help seniors exercise their memory skills in a fun and engaging way. The book includes activities that promote memory recall, recognition, and association, providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience for seniors.

Not only does this activity book provide cognitive benefits, but it also encourages social interaction and engagement. It can be used as a fun activity to do with family members, friends, or in group settings, fostering meaningful connections and conversation starters.

We understand the importance of creating accessible activities for seniors, and our “Memory Activity Book for Senior Citizens” is designed to be user-friendly and enjoyable for individuals with different cognitive abilities. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to engaging activities that promote cognitive health and overall well-being.

So, if you’re looking for a meaningful and enjoyable activity for your senior loved ones, or if you work in a care facility or senior living community, our book is a perfect addition to your activity resources. Order your copy today on Amazon Kindle and embark on a journey to engage minds and promote cognitive health for our beloved seniors! Let’s keep the memories alive! 🧠💡📚

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A Poet’s Quest: Discover the beauty and complexity of life through a collection of evocative poems that capture raw human emotion in vivid detail. Introducing a collection of evocative poems that take you on a journey through the beauty and complexity of life. From the first blush of love to the heart-wrenching pain of loss, these poems explore the depths of human emotion in all its rawness and beauty. Click on the below cover picture.

Each verse is a masterpiece of language and imagery, capturing moments of joy, sorrow, hope, and despair in vivid detail. Whether you’re a lover of poetry or a newcomer to the art form, this collection will leave you spellbound with its eloquent expression and profound insights into the human experience. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of poetic expression with this captivating collection on Wattpad.

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Paandu left his job in India and joined a salesman’s job in a big departmental store in Canada.

On the first day, Paandu worked with full vigour.

At 6 pm:

Harry :- How much of sales did you do on the first day?

Paandu : Sir, I attended to 1 Sale.

Harry : just Only 1 sale the whole day? Usually every salesman here does 20 to 30 Sale transactions a day. Well, tell me what is the money value of your today’s one sale?

Paandu : $93300 dollars.

Harry : What! Unbelievable! But how did you do that?

Paandu : Sir, 1 person came and I sold him a small fishing hook.

Then a mazola and then finally sold a big hook. Then I sold him 1 big fishing rod and some fishing gear.

Then I asked him where does he go to catch fish and he said in the coastal area….

Then I said it would need a boat. So I took him down to the boat department and sold him a 20 ft double engine scooner boat.

When he said the boat won’t come in his VolksWagon, I took him to the auto mobile section and sold him the new Deluxe 4 x 4 blazer to carry the boat.

And when I asked him where he would be going fishing ???  He didn’t plan anything. So I took him to the camping section and sold him a six sleeper camper tent.

And then he took groceries worth  $ 200  and 2 cases of beer.

Now Harry took 2 steps back and asked : You sold all this to the man who came just to buy only 1 fish hook???

Paandu : “NO, SIR…” He ONLY Came to Buy 1 Tablet For his Headache…. I Explained to him that Fishing is the Best Way to Get Rid of Headaches !!

Harry : Where did you work before ??? 

Paandu : Yes, I was a Patient Relations Executive in a private hospital in India : On any Minor Complaint, We Get the Patients Tested for Pathology, ECO, ECG, TMT, CT SCAN, X-Ray, MRI etc.

Harry : Will You please sit in my chair?. I shall go to India and join a Private Hospital for Training !!!

Source – Whatsapp Forward!

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‘Admire the unique features of this young boy and his connection to the land, and appreciate the rich heritage and story that lies behind his image’

Picture Courtesy – MidJourney AI Tool

Prompt – Create a tribal teenage boy with well defined facial and body features, black background, no sharp, no smudge, no weird looking limbs, hands, fingers, no double face, cinematic, portrait, detailed, ornament, tribe, tribal, black eyes, HD, high resolution, green, black, white, green, furr, aborginal person, realistic 8k high resolution, –ar 3:2

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Where to start this book review or should I blabber whatever crosses my mind? Well, let me share the fascination behind Robert Galbraith aka J K Rowling books, since the time of ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ the concepts never cease to amaze me. Each has its own core theme, characters and setup that carries a unique audacity to serve the hardcore fans.

This story is no different. A co-creator of a famous cartoon gets killed by a puzzling online figure namely Anomie. Who is this Anomie and what about the online characters whose identification is blanketed with hidden motives, hatred and regrets. How detective Coromoran Strike and his partner Robin solves this case is the crux of the story. I find the exchange of chats among the moderators in the story painstaking because there is a trouble in remembering the characters and the related back story but this is how I feel. As the story unfolds, the reader is pulled deeper and deeper into the twisted world of online personalities and vulnerabilities.

From the reader’s point of view, the characters in this book are incredibly well-drawn and complex. Strike, in particular, is a fascinating protagonist with a troubled past and a sharp mind. His dynamic with his assistant, Robin, is also a highlight of the book, as the two of them work together to solve the case despite their personal struggles.

Galbraith’s writing style is impressive, as he is able to create a truly immersive and atmospheric world that draws the reader in from the first page. The pacing of the story is spot-on, with just the right amount of tension and suspense to keep the reader engaged throughout.The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith is a gripping and dark mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Galbraith’s attention to detail and his ability to create a sense of dread and unease is truly impressive, and there are several moments throughout the book that will leave you predicting the culprit.

So if you fancy crime and mystery novels then ‘The Ink Black Heart’ is a must-read. It is a brilliantly crafted story with complex characters and a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars, as it is a fantastic addition to the Cormoran Strike series and a testament to Robert Galbraith’s skill as a writer.

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A mother has written a touching note to the teenager who taught her daughter how to use her skateboard has gone viral.
“Dear teenage boy at the skate park:
You’re probably about 15 years-old, so I don’t expect you to be very mature or for you to want a little girl on your skate ramp for that matter.
What you don’t know is that my daughter has been wanting to skateboard for months. I actually had to convince her that skateboarding wasn’t just for boys.
So when we walked up to the skate park and saw that it was full of teenaged boys who were smoking and swearing, she immediately wanted to turn around and go home.
I secretly wanted to go too because I didn’t want to have to put on my mom voice and exchange words with you.
I also didn’t want my daughter to feel like she had to be scared of anyone, or that she wasn’t entitled to that skate park just as much as you were.
So when she said, ‘Mom it’s full of older boys,’ I calmly said, ‘So what, they don’t own the skate park.’
She proceeded to go down the ramp in spite of you and your friends flying past her and grinding rails beside her.
She only had two or three runs in before you approached her and said ‘Hey, excuse me …’
I immediately prepared to deliver my ‘She’s allowed to use this park just as much as you guys’ speech when I heard you say, ‘Your feet are wrong. Can I help you?’
You proceeded to spend almost an hour with my daughter showing her how to balance and steer, and she listened to you – a feat not attained by most adults.
You held her hand and helped her get up when she fell down and I even heard you tell her to stay away from the rails so that she wouldn’t get hurt.
I want you to know that I am proud that you are part of my community, and I want to thank you for being kind to my daughter, even though your friends made fun of you for it.
She left the skate park with a sense of pride and with the confidence that she can do anything, because of you.”

Photos courtesy of Jeanean Thomas
HT BuzzFeed

Source – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2978388479059436/permalink/3579071952324416/?mibextid=S66gvF

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Back Story – I was searching for a crime novel similar to author Chris Carter and landed on this author by chance. Started with the first in the Washington Poe series with the hope that the chosen book satisfies my quench for thrillers.

Summary – Well, the story is about a perpetrator burning some people alive, and do not end there but ask for detective Poe in particular. Why and what is the reason behind his actions are explained with suspenseful narration. In fact, the justification given by the culprit made logical sense to me perhaps to do with his social background. Some portions made me revisit the moments while I was in UK since roundabouts, m5 motorways and topographic data are easily relatable. Every character has different shades to offer, but it was Tilly Bradshaw that stole my heart due to the unique nature of her personality. The rest of the characters have a routine persona hence nothing much to elaborate or talk about. Author of this book had tried to provide a story that caters to suspense lovers in general by consolidating grip execution till the end.

Remark & Rating – A complete thrilling ride throughout the story and would rate 4 out of 5 for this book not less or more. Check out for the next review of this book series.

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Let me break it to you that I am a hardcore fan of Keigo’s books since ‘The devotion of suspect x’ and the ladder of fascination seems to never cease. The plot is a routine murder mystery filled with line of suspects that requires a deduction ability to configure but it is the elements of investigation that keep you on the edge. And there is a resemblance of the later part of the story involving the swimming pool accident to Kanea Minato’s ‘Confessions’ even though the core tale differs on this. What I missed was the physicist Yukawa’s character from the previous works of the author who had an impressive digging skill that was lacking in here. Apart from it everything else scores in my opinion and overall had a nice time with this book.

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In the list of several classics reads this too joins as rightly deserved for its suspense imbibed storytelling and gothic style infrastructure. It is unheard to present the mysterious character at the start and building the story thereafter shows the development of thrilling effects while focus is retained on the tensions around them. It must be daunting to articulate such expectations which are unique in those times and wonder how this was drafted to accommodate the ideas of the author. If this wasn’t enough the love was briefed with at most care without any lengthy pretence dialogues. This proves how much research would have been gone to arrive on the scene and the plight of reader satisfaction. I am thankful to have read this book and gives me an opportunity to share my lingering thoughts and views with the fellow readers. I hope this was insightful and informative.

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This will be the first Russian literature book I’ve read and find it lucky to have fallen in love with the narration by the author. The subject of death is a taboo and abhor for many people who rubs off its occurrence as a negative effect. And to have someone talk about it gives a sense of bravery that is appreciable. If combined with a sickness alarms the faint heart thus pushing away from a happenstance that is bleak to even consider. But with Tolstoy character Ivan, the actual moments of suffering, sadness and rejection are conveyed with at most precision. It screams of agony, oppression and despair that anybody could relate to however, I find that Ivan’s acceptance of death to be less potent and feel sorry for the wife character. Never is it easy to be with a sick person when the demands are persistently and emotionally drained. While it is hard to witness such things, remaining characters play their part as promised. Hence, a tale that will make you think, feel and act vividly.

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