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The bombardment of cell signal for a hurting partner,

joins the nuclei of the membrane by lever,

sensory trapped inside the inner core,

beg for the release of monster roar,

vigorous tests endured its gear,

hmm gestures never ending fear,

at last cost an arm and leg to clear you

unannounced and unbearable pain!


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I do not know what made me to pick this book, but it reveals some amazing tips for mirror analysis of life. The metaphorical use of Nachiketa story is a masterstroke in this book of factual events. It is very common to hear from a spiritual or religious people of its wisdom, but uncommon to evaluate of their eminence in the subtlety of life. Let me divide my insights into two categories for a better comprehension. Firstly, if the interest is rhetorical then the questions raised by Nachiketa will be assured to convey the intended message to the right audience. The inquisitive attributes of Nachiketa are one of a kind and of a higher nature, so isn’t fathomable to all. Secondly, if pursued as an allegory, then continuous reflections are to be instigated for individual moral upliftment. Hence, the following statement explains it all and thankful to have introduced to this beautiful teaching of Kathoupanishad. “The consciousness of individuality is always searching and seeking to find the right combination to move towards the consciousness of unity”.

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The scars from experiences get imprinted,

After several tries hopes are shredded,

With wet eyes oppress the unopposed,

No amount of chances is spared,

Melancholy abdicates the bold,

Neither perjury nor the indictment imposed,

But blame the wuss of nomad,

Here I am a scion of the mortal world!


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The virtue of life plays sound with a cacophony of immaturity,

Forever illumines glitter of the lord and remain silence on its purity,

Sleepless tosses and turns underground where inner reaction fears the insecurity,

Hail an active observer on the ground by escaping the phony posterity,

Thus, gloats the macro cosmic vitality!


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Huff and puff ensnare numerous cycles endures,

Realms of utterance blinds the happenstance,

Reverberates unseen command,

Shut off says the reprimand.


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Amazon.com: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life  (9780143130727): García, Héctor, Miralles, Francesc: Books

This book shares some amazing advises experienced by the centenarians and their choices that have worked to sustain for the longer well being. The concept of having a purpose in life is explained in a simple manner and takes Japan’s Okinawa place as an example. It explains how achieving a purpose if too basic to our skill set, we will likely get bored and the same applies if we already know everything a book has to tell. So balance is the key and with a bit of stretching allow to challenge your abilities. Not many talk about the purpose of living or entertain religious fiasco, but in order to get satisfaction it is important to identify what we hope to find and execute in life. Let me share the mantra used in the book.

1. Knowing what to do

2. Knowing how to do it

3. Knowing how well you are doing

4. Knowing where to go( where navigation is involved)

5. Perceiving significant challenges

6. Being free from distractions

While reading it made me want to visit Japan and include in my to-do list. I really don’t want to leave this book it touched my heart.

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The oasis of dreams scuttles the mind vastness,

Holds the primordial cup for vacuuming the holy mess,

So true hushed morality and follows the devils perils,

Here am awakened with a bundle of hurdles,

With complying nodes the inner surreal,

Plays the unrequited seer!


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Buy A Lonely Harvest Book Online at Low Prices in India | A Lonely Harvest  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

When I read “one part women” never imagined it to have a sequel and the author had given two endings to contemplate on two different books. This story continues from where the previous installment hanged. Firstly the cultural beliefs of a countryside is zoomed and articulated by the author. That itself is a treat especially, for those who hails from such a place, even can resonate the details furnished. Whenever the Serrayi cooks village delights for Ponna my lips starts to crave in. Also, I feel there is an enormous amount of farming techniques that stretches the length and breadth of the storytelling. The ending chosen for this sequence is cherished by its happy moments. Now, desperate to read the third book and see how it goes….

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Buy One Part Woman Book Online at Low Prices in India | One Part Woman  Reviews & Ratings - Amazon.in

The nuances of a childless couple in the countryside and their affinity is covered in a bold manner in this book. The characters Kali and Ponna is etched like a tailor made clothing for the author perceptions. Ironically the way society operates can be too intimidating and freedom-less, so this is what is offered in heavy portions bridging the various folkloric tales. It was Nallayyan’s character that leaves an everlasting impression by his fearless nature towards life. Perumal Murugan chose a subject that is either controversial or conspicuous to the readers. Also,not many would like this story and the end is left to the reader’s interpretations which causes an unsatisfied feeling.

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Life has ups and downs,

Quest for varied crowns,

Scaremongers from edgy sounds,

Befriends the irresistible hounds,

oh my replaceable wounds kick the inner clowns!


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