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Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” is a spiritual guide that teaches readers how to live in the present moment and free themselves from the constraints of the mind. In this review, I will discuss the story details, positive and negative aspects of the book and how readers reflect about this book?

The book is divided into ten chapters, each discussing a different aspect of living in the present moment. Tolle argues that most people are trapped in their minds, thinking about the past or the future and missing out on the beauty of the present. He offers practical advice on how to break free from this mental prison and connect with the present moment.

One of the positive aspects of the book is its simplicity. Tolle’s writing style is straightforward and easy to understand, making it accessible to readers of all backgrounds. He uses real-life examples to illustrate his points and offers practical exercises that readers can do to apply his teachings in their lives.

Another positive aspect of the book is its emphasis on spirituality without being tied to any specific religion. Tolle’s teachings are universal and can be applied by anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. He encourages readers to find their own spiritual path and connect with the divine within themselves.

However, one negative aspect of the book is that it can be repetitive at times. Tolle tends to reiterate his main points throughout the book, which may be tedious for some readers. Well it is how I had felt. Additionally, some readers may find his teachings to be too abstract or philosophical and struggle to apply them in their daily lives. One of the most memorable quotes from the book is “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” This quote encapsulates the central message of the book and serves as a powerful reminder to readers to stay present.

From the writer’s point of view, Tolle’s writing is both insightful and inspiring. His teachings are based on his own spiritual journey, and he speaks from a place of deep wisdom and understanding. His writing style is engaging and thought-provoking, and he encourages readers to question their own beliefs and assumptions.

Well, I am yet to contemplate on the tips and tricks, but hoping that it will help me to find greater peace and happiness in the long run. Some readers have credited that the book is transforming their entire outlook on life and helping them overcome depression and anxiety. Not that I am looking for any aid but this book is hopeful when required.

To wrap it up, “The Power of Now” is an excellent book for anyone seeking to live a more mindful and fulfilling life. Despite its occasional repetition, the book is full of practical advice and inspiring wisdom. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality, personal growth, or mindfulness. I give this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for laying solutions to complex problems, motivating suggestions and uplifting advices.

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Where should I start with the review? Let me explain my addiction to crime novels which have no barricading in place not that it should be, but sharing how important it is for the bigot like me. This is the fifth book in M.W. Craven’s Washington Poe series, After reading all the previous parts, I had a good idea of what to expect from this instalment without any preconceived notions. I would admirably say that it is definitely worth the time.

The story has two intermingled cases that warrant Poe’s investigation team to get involved. The first case is the death of pathologist Estelle’s father, who is shot twice in the head, with a missing weapon and no proof of any outsider’s connection. Circumstantial evidence points directly at Estelle, who gets arrested for no fault of her own. The second case involves a scientist killer who poisons high-profile celebrities, sends them poems and flowers before executing them. Isn’t it interesting? Well, that’s what made me want to figure out what had happened: how both cases are related and who this botanist is. To find out more, check out this page-turner for all the answers.

I wonder how Craven’s imagination is bridged and brought to ink. Was the plot articulated prior to writing the scenarios and character developments? These are some of the questions that crossed my mind while reading this unimpaired novel. His writing in this one is beautifully crafted and feels like solving a great puzzle. The plot is tightly woven with many humorous elements that assist the story’s progression. This gave me enough freedom to enjoy the whole reading process; I couldn’t find any lag or boredom anywhere.

To wind up, this book will be a treat for the crime fiction aficionado. A gripping tale that is hard to sideline, with a fascinating storyline followed by rightful suspense insertion, twists and turns, and an appropriate dose of humor, fills all the gaps of a reader’s expectations, thus quenching their thirst for good. My rating for this book is 5 out of 5 for the amazing plot, thrilling details, hilarious conversations, and equally smart antagonist.

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Dead Ground is the fourth instalment of Washington Poe series by M W Craven. This is a crime fiction story investigated by Poe and his teammates with a mysterious case to resolve. I came across craven’s works while searching for a crime novel similar to Chris Carter and knocked on this book and got hooked to this entire series.

The story is about a murder that occurs in a secluded pimp house leaving a suspicious ornamental piece on the premise of the room where the victim is found dead. Here, the story travels from digging the property owner of the place, to the veteran’s possible involvement and towards the summit venue where the victim was picked up by the murderer. If this stirs your curiosity, there is more in the story basket such as characters wearing famous hollywood actors mask to protect their true identities in a bank heist and why one among them gets killed by the perpetrator will hold the readers attention intact. The relationship between the main investigator Poe and the geek partner Bradshaw displays an affinity with genuine bondage and cracking sarcastic jokes at intervals is lively. 

Craven’s narration is flawless in portrayal, execution and not to forget the simple tone to cater any audience. It is never easy to write if there are repeated characters that require rationale preceding and compelling arguments. The author is well versed in what he does and reflects on his writings. This tells us how to blindly believe in his future works without any second thoughts. His creativity is highly regarded by the fellow readers purely based on his efforts in building the right content to satisfy the needs of mystery lovers. 

To conclude, I think that crime fiction fanatics should read this book at any cost to glimpse into the suspenseful story background, damn sure will make you fall for the main characters like me. Now with this experience, I can say it’s a good thing to look for new author’s works now and then which can widen scope of exploration better. My ratings for this book is 4 out of 5 for the engaging storyline, unique suspense subjects and easy to read verbiage.

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Back Story – I was searching for a crime novel similar to author Chris Carter and landed on this author by chance. Started with the first in the Washington Poe series with the hope that the chosen book satisfies my quench for thrillers.

Summary – Well, the story is about a perpetrator burning some people alive, and do not end there but ask for detective Poe in particular. Why and what is the reason behind his actions are explained with suspenseful narration. In fact, the justification given by the culprit made logical sense to me perhaps to do with his social background. Some portions made me revisit the moments while I was in UK since roundabouts, m5 motorways and topographic data are easily relatable. Every character has different shades to offer, but it was Tilly Bradshaw that stole my heart due to the unique nature of her personality. The rest of the characters have a routine persona hence nothing much to elaborate or talk about. Author of this book had tried to provide a story that caters to suspense lovers in general by consolidating grip execution till the end.

Remark & Rating – A complete thrilling ride throughout the story and would rate 4 out of 5 for this book not less or more. Check out for the next review of this book series.

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Well, it is a relief to find an assuring story about aspects of social norms in the aristocratic universe. The explanations are defined with acuity and the nuance supporting the life of an upper middle class family is captivating and mindful. I was worried to get into the usual class indifference perhaps relieved by the contradictory happenings. Moreover the relationships of Ellen and Archer is presented in less lustful details with subtle proceeding which is commendable and unforeseen. This further demonstrates how romanticism can be looked upon which unfortunately isn’t the case in today’s modern society. When I started to read was expecting the sentimental elements leading towards the sad ending thankfully that’s not how it travels. By this you all must wondered the summary of this book? In bribing to pick this book as the next read and also gives me a healthy perspective of what you all think of it. I will reserve this spot especially for your views.

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I have read a few of graphical books in the past but this is the first time to explore on science fiction end. The Utopian world of ozone effects are illustrated with hilarious names, the background nuances are projected with firm acuity. A story of a newly arrived couple in the Utopian world and its harsh climate is captured to deliver the intended message of global warming. Writings such as “Ain’t no city like generosity” and “Shit house” ad board on the camper muses the story development. Thought seeding and recommended read. Let me know what do you think.

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A story of childhood hobby turned into a professional career and the outcome of such a decision is illustrated with easy relatable sketches. I am under the graphics novella spell and today’s pick was aptly chosen for its title alone nothing else mattered at that moment. If you ask me if it’s worth it, then yes, it did with big heart. The life of the cartoonist is represented as natural as possible to share the everyday turmoils and highlights the crippling impact that could fathom on the self portrait. The main character’s despondent efforts to connect with other people alarms the reason for such solidarity confinement. My expression lacks to convey the true meaning that one might attain from this book perhaps better to leave the room for competent and deserved readers.

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Oscar Wilde’s quotes of various books are encapsulated onto a single book that gives us an easy read of his witty works under one roof. Every quote has layers of generosity, artistic endeavors, voids and inspiring grace to pique the reader’s interest. The different topics are nicely rooted with poetic thoughts favoring humorous views and justifies why his works are highly regarded by people of every age. And today had the opportunity to discover about Oscar Wilde, but shame not to have read his works, anyways, this review paves to scout and serves this purpose at the earliest. There are many quotes referenced, but this one strikes the chord – “There is always more books than brains in an aristocracy”. Well, What are your views on Oscar Wilde thoughts? If you have any drop in the comments happy to reflect.

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With the sense of anticipation created by the quality of author’s previous works, The title made me to sneak into this book and got sucked into Haruki’s fantasy world with a minimum characters to keep it light and lively. This story is about a boy who ends up in a nightmarish library where hidden rooms appear to be a labyrinth sorts with spooky environment. Here comes the few characters such as the sheep man, a mysterious girl and a starling pet to accommodate the required foundation for the story construction. How the boy escape is presented with dark humor and that’s how I visualize it. Being a short story adds up to complete the reading goals that one may have or signed up for. So nothing to complain about and hence recommend this book for the coffee table reads for its size alone.

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No wonder this author’s books are compelling, intriguing and captivating since its inception state. His criminal psychology background is evident and provides the required detailing of crime props, surroundings and as well as the set ups. The writing format was effortless and the chilling effect is over the roof which is also a reason to be a top notch thriller. With the pace this fast provokes to complete on a single seating. What happens when a killer executes a crime sending waves of shock to those who witness it and cops ending up nowhere in terms of nabbing the perpetrator. If this stirs your curiosity, then grab it to know the answers.

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